The download Pokémon GO cheats in Italy has officially started yesterday, despite the initial problems , the situation seems to have now leveled. Players will take to the mad joy, and have fun like crazy in the hunt for the monsters of the series that is startling young and old.

As you know by now, to recover them all must activate the GPS and grind km and km . The idea will not sconfinfera? You‚Äôre not alone, there are others who have tried to ‚Äėcircumvent‚Äô the obstacle , devising the right method to ensure that the eggs hatch in the shortest time possible, and above all without any effort.

How to easily fill the Pok√©dex? Because the GPS will verify the actual distance traveled, some people have thought about how to ‚Äėcheat‚Äô by attacking the smartphone to the revolving blades of a fan (which can also be useful since the heat that It is characterizing the time, except for some sporadic rain). Unfortunately those who had the ‚Äėbrilliant‚Äô idea ended up paying for dear view breaking the display of your device. pokemon go cheats

Basically cheating is not the best choice , it is better to do things quietly and wait for the eggs to hatch in due course, following all the necessary km (does anything take a while ‚Äėmore time, so you do not run behind nobody).

The important thing is that Pok√©mon GO has been made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable in Italy, everything else will follow. The beauty of the game is also this, to do things wisely, winning goals through their own efforts . Do you agree with us? How many Pok√©mon you have already caught? Let us hear, we are curious. Anyway, we leave you to make up the video which would provide immediately all Pok√©mon GO cheats monsters.